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Welcome to Who Magoo :)

Welcome to the camp @ Who Magoo 🙂 – Who Magoo *Music Review* Jukebox Jams -Music transcends time takes us back to Great memories of our first rock concert or playing with the high school band,  “Rockin” with Friends and Family 🙂  Music takes us into the present with Musicians who are creating living memories with the notes and lyrics they write, “Who Magoo Music Review” Live Streaming all Shows @  Live365 licensed Music 24/7 live @–Music-Review——W-a87795 Music karma can move us forward, or back to better days, in a song and memories, God lives in Music and in Friends, Rock On!! Tom 🙂 Thanks, just click and play! Enjoy, Blessed Catalog of Music! @ – Thanks for the Interviews and the time to come on the show, Great Guests!!! – Magoo…@ – PS Big fan of “The Who” & “Magoo” nickname, yep, roll the jukebox jams and play @ -:)

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